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Snooker - Entertainment for real gentlemen!

You're a perfectionist and you enjoy challenges? If you bored with the variations of pool games you already know or any other games, then perhaps it’s time for something more elite? Snooker by many is considered to be a sport and a form of entertainment that is not intended for everyone. Speed isn’t what counts. It’s all about precision and composure. It’s also useful to have the ability to anticipate your opponent’s next move. Enter the fascinating world of snooker today, the game that is gaining popularity all over the world. When online, you can not only watch the game, but also actively participate in it!

For many people, billiards is associated only with knocking balls into the pockets of the table. This is, of course, part of the game. However, the rules of the different variations of billiards are significantly different from each other. In snooker, the order and manner in which balls are sunk is also important.

What are the rules of snooker?

The game of snooker is played on tables intended for English billiards whose size is 356 cm x 178 cm. Other types of billiards involve tables of very different sizes. For example, tables for playing American so-called "eight-ball" are 254 cm x 127 cm. Of course, as in any game of billiards, snooker balls and cues are required. In snooker, we have 15 red and 6 colour balls. There is also a white ball (the cue ball). As already mentioned, when playing snooker you have to remember in which order to „pot” the balls, because it determines the number of points awarded to the player. After potting the red ball correctly, the player chooses the coloured ball that he will try to sink into one of the pockets. It is worth noting that the highest number of points can be gained for potting the black ball. „Colours” are returned to the table after being potted, but that does not apply to red balls. In the world of snooker, we can quite often come across the number 147. This is the maximum number of points a player can attain during one visit to the table. It is the goal and dream of many players. Record holders achieve this in just a few minutes.

Many people think that snooker is a complex game that requires too much time and effort to understand and master it. Nothing could be further from the truth! Snooker is not as complicated as it might seem at first. Once you play it yourself, you will realise that this is a truly addictive and fascinating game.

Online snooker – an opportunity to learn the rules

Snooker guarantees great excitement and adrenaline. Its advantage is that it requires much greater commitment from the player than other billiard games. It’s not just about skill, but also logical thinking. Although anyone can grab a snooker cue and try their hand at a real snooker table, at the beginning it is worth taking your first steps in snooker on the Internet. This provides the possibility to learn the rules much faster and without any frustration. It’s definitely worth trying this method, especially since virtually everyone nowadays has access to the Internet. Don’t hesitate - enter this fascinating e-world today and play snooker online!

Those who decide to play snooker online will understand what real sports emotions are and will feel the spirit of competition. Online snooker games are a huge convenience for users. You do not have to go out and spend long trojkat snookerhours on training to learn the rules of the game. Just turn on your computer, sit back in your chair and you can begin.

If you are just starting your adventure with snooker, you should become familiar with the rules. On the Internet, you will find numerous interesting guides that will introduce you to the world of snooker. It’s worth visiting where you will learn how this game is played step by step.

By playing the online game Snooker Live Pro, you have the opportunity to warm-up and acquire the basic skills needed to play. The online version of snooker is also played by people who usually choose the traditional version in the real world. On the Internet, you have the chance to face a real opponent, which for some can be great practice and the opportunity to check specific shots, tricks, and a chance to improve strategy skills. Even in the online world, a real opponent is a much more interesting and less predictable rival than the computer.

It’s really worth trying the game of snooker. According to a study conducted by the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA), snooker players recommend this game because it has helped to improve their concentration and determination, to avoid addictions, or has increased their mental toughness and self-discipline. In summary, snooker has a positive effect on our mind and our functioning. If you haven’t started your adventure with snooker yet, you need to change that as soon as possible! Today, thanks to the online version, everyone can finally try their hand at this unique game.

Things you need to know before you start your adventure with snooker!

Snooker is becoming increasingly popular around the world. In China alone, it is estimated that there are approximately 300 million snooker players! This euphoria has captivated the world. And you can join the ranks of snooker fans to experience the emotions of this game.

Where should you start your adventure with snooker? It’s certainly worth getting to know its origins. The beginnings of some games have truly extraordinary stories and snooker is no exception. The biographies of the most famous players in the last few decades are also fascinating. The truth is that snooker is a game in which everything is really extraordinary, including the fact that everyone has a chance to be part of the history of this sport.

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How did it all begin?

According to various sources, snooker originated in around 1875. This game is a combination of two other billiard games, namely Pyramid Pool and Life Pool. It was created by the British Army, which was stationed at the time in India. Lieutenant Neville Chamberlain was one of the key figures in the creation of snooker.

Where does the name of this variation of billiards that is popular in many countries come from? The word "snooker" was used at that time to refer to first-year cadets (inexperienced soldiers) at the Royal Military Academy in Woolwich. They were present when Neville Chamberlain invented the game. Probably due to the lack of experience and familiarity with the game of pool, one of the cadets could not sink a ball in the pocket and this situation, as well as Chamberlain’s irritation, had an influence on the selection of such a name. What’s interesting, the Colonel was so impressed by his idea and the name, so he also decided to call his horse "Snooker".

Snooker has evolved over many years. The game was invented out of boredom and on the spur of the moment, and it became a sport that is well-known all over the world. The development of technology (television and the Internet among others) had an influence on the increasing interest in this game, but it’s the excellent players who gave this game such enormous popularity that are most important factor.

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The great and famous, thanks to whom the popularity of snooker is continually growing

Snooker wouldn’t have gained such great international popularity, if not for its successful players. It wasn’t a popular sport at the beginning, only a form of entertainment, an interesting leisure activity. Despite the fact that a truly outstanding player appeared already in the 20s of the last century, Joe Davis, who won the World Championship fifteen times, it wasn’t until the 1970s and 1980s when the real breakthrough of snooker’s popularity occurred. It is also worth mentioning that Davis was the co-organiser of the first snooker World Championship, which took place in 1927. However, it was the introduction of colour television broadcast that made it possible to present snooker much more attractively to the wider audience.

Only four players took part in the World Championship in 1957. In 1972, when the winner was Alex Higgins, the number increased to 10 players. The tournament continued to grow in subsequent years.

If you are interested in snooker or you have just discovered it, then you absolutely need to know some of the important and great figures of this sport. The aforementioned Alex Higgins became the youngest world champion in snooker. He won the Championship at the age of 22, which many players have to wait for all their lives. Higgins was considered by many a brash and unpredictable player. Although generally these qualities are considered to be negative, in his case they brought him huge success. After retiring, Higgins decided to publish a book entitled: "From the Eye of the Hurricane: My Story." He died in 2010.

Another one of the greats in the world of snooker is Steve Davis. It is partly thanks to him that this seemingly boring sport has given millions of people around the world many exciting moments. He achieved his first major victory in 1980, the UK Championship in snooker. In 1985, he played in the World Championship final against Dennis Taylor. Unfortunately, the final turned out to be unlucky for Davis, the match ended in a tie-break. It is worth mentioning that the final attracted 18.5 million viewers. Steve Davis was the first millionaire among snooker players, and also six-time world champion. In 2016, he decided to end his career as a professional player. Is it possible for someone who was involved for so many years in professional snooker to completely stop playing? Probably not, so there is a high probability that someday we will see this great player in action again.

Another figure worth introducing is Stephen Hendry. He was the leader of the world snooker ranking in 1990-1997. Hendry demonstrated his skills by winning the World Championship seven times. His life still revolves around the snooker despite the fact that he retired some time ago. Hendry promotes snooker clubs which he endorses. He is also the author of a book about snooker entitled "Snooker Masterclass: How to Build Big Breaks and Win". To sum up its achievements, Stephen Hendry is one of those snooker players, who had a huge impact on the rise in popularity of the game and will be remembered by fans forever.

Of course, there are many more great players in the world of snooker. It is worth mentioning figures like John Higgins and Ronnie O'Sullivan, who managed to win 38 successive matches.

Snooker: a game for money?

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Are you wondering if playing snooker can be profitable? Is there big money involved in the game? And is money the reason for the sport’s high popularity?
Initially, snooker did not guarantee big profits and the winnings were small. However, there was a breakthrough in the 80s. The popularity of the game increased, which also had an impact on the growth of players’ winnings. Today, the money snooker best players can expect to win up to several hundred thousands of pounds each season. Of course, they are professionals, the best of the best. Others who are fascinated by the game of snooker only win small amounts in tournaments. However, above all it’s about the development of the players, and not cash prizes.
Though getting to the number one spot is not easy, and few are successful, it’s worth trying. Snooker is a passion for life. If you are just beginning your adventure with snooker, you can try playing online against players from all over the world. This is not only a great way to spend free time, but also good practice before entering the advanced world of snooker.

Play Snooker Online

Become a master of anticipation - play snooker!

Your goal is not just entertainment, but also development? Do you want to work on your concentration, mental strength, and the valuable ability to predict your opponent’s moves? If the answer is yes, then you simply have to try snooker!
Snooker is considered by some to be an elite game that is not for everyone. But the reality is completely different. It is played not only by professionals. Snooker is also entertainment for people who usually don’t have anything to do with it, are interested in other sports, cars, or music. It’s fun for everyone!

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How to play snooker?

Snooker is a game that is divided into frames (individual games). The player who wins the most frames ultimately wins the match. The number of frames to be played is determined before the match. The game of snooker is played on a table with dimensions of 356 cm x 178 cm. According to WPBSA regulations, the table’s height should be between 851 mm and 876 mm. It also has six pockets for balls which are slightly smaller than those used on a standard table. For some, it may seem that pockets in billiards tables are something obvious. Snooker is no exception, but you should know that there are variations of pool tables which do not have pockets for balls. An example of such a game is Carom.
Using the appropriate snooker cues is very important in this game. The cue stick should be selected according to the height of a particular player. It cannot be less than 914 mm long. The choice of cues is really huge. Prices start from a dozen or so to several dozen pounds, but there are also ones that cost several thousands of pounds. For example, the limited edition Riley ROS cue costs over 3,000 pounds. This is due to, among other things, the fact that it is hand-finished and is signed by the star snooker player Ronnie O'Sullivan. Everyone, even novices, will find something suitable for themselves in terms of length, workmanship quality and price. At the beginning of your adventure with snooker it’s worth investing in one of the cheaper cues, and once you improve your skills, and your passion for the game won’t diminish, then you can always consider buying more expensive equipment.
Snooker rules are not complicated. The game requires snooker balls and cues. At the beginning of the match, there are 15 red balls and 6 coloured balls on the table (yellow, green, brown, pink, blue, black), as well as one white ball, which is called the cue ball. Red and colored balls are potted alternately. After successfully potting a red ball, the player must declare which coloured balls he or she will hit next. It is also worth noting that the coloured balls are returned to the table after being potted until all the red balls are knocked in the pockets. The order in which the coloured balls are potted is very important. It has to be planned carefully because each coloured ball is worth a specific number of points.

Snooker should be played carefully because this is one of those games in which it is very important to choose the right tactics. You must also remember that if you violate any rules of the game, you will be charged with a foul and your opponent will gain extra points.

The behaviour of players - game tactics

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zawodnik snookerFirst of all, it is important to note that players respect the rules of the game and abide by them. It is no coincidence that snooker players are considered to be true sports gentlemen. In the case of snooker, we can see that honour does not allow players to not admit to errors committed during the game. Even if the judge doesn’t notice an error, players admit to them.

Snooker requires players to have a strategic perspective on the game. Before a player decides to execute a shot, it should be well thought-out. Why is this so important? The shot will have an influence on the position of the balls for the opponent. In most cases, players try to execute shots in such a way that their opponent will not be able to gain points from his or her shot.

This strategy often involves a so-called "snooker". The player leaves the cue ball positioned behind a ball that is not participating at a given time in the game. The opponent cannot execute a shot in such a situation. We can leave our opponent no room to maneuver by positioning the balls in a "snooker", but we can also unintentionally help our opponent in achieving victory. A bit of luck is needed in addition to the right tactics.

When playing snooker, also remember that you don’t have to rush. You have as much time as you need. This is why some matches last for many hours, so it is not worth making hasty, ill-considered decisions.

If you want to choose a form of entertainment that is not only fun but also develops skills, then snooker it is a very good choice. It’s possible to meet players from all over the world when playing online. You can not only compete with them but also make friends and share insights. Playing online allows you to develop skills which in the future you will be able to use at a real table. This is another advantage of snooker, because by playing in clubs, we have to go out and give up a typically sedentary lifestyle. Many people choose online snooker before deciding to play the game at a club. Try learning the game this way too.

Why is snooker worth playing?

Snooker is one of the most popular billiard games in the world. For many years, snooker clubs have enjoyed unflagging popularity and tournaments attract millions of viewers. This doesn’t just happen simply for no reason. It turns out that the game of snooker can be very beneficial and comes with many perks. Snooker is undoubtedly a difficult and challenging game. When you watch pro snooker players, the gameplay seems simple. The balls roll in the direction intended by the player, and subsequent points are made on the snooker scoreboard. However, when you try to play yourself, it turns out to be impossible. That's why so many important skills can be developed by snooker. Free benefits that we can gain in this game are huge!
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Exercise for the mind

Playing billiard games improves the ability to concentrate. Players must focus to hit the ball the right way, give it the right rotation and any angle of rebound. Nothing can distract them when they are preparing to strike. Snooker players estimate where the white cue ball will stop and what options they will have. At the same time, they must also remember about correct posture and holding the cue stick. This requires a lot of attention on different aspects of the game, as well as quick calculation. Snooker players must quickly decide which balls will be most profitable to play. This translates into the development of one’s creativity, imagination and the ability to visualize the development of the situation. Pro snooker players know exactly where the ball hit by them will roll. The game of snooker also trains the mind through the need for rapid counting. In fact, players have a snooker scoreboard that makes keeping score easier for them. However, this is another skill that is acquired by players.
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Control over stress

Billiard games, especially snooker, teach mastery of emotions and thoughtful action in stressful situations. Pro snooker players must be able to calculate coldly and avoid making mistakes, even if the result on the opponent snooker scoreboard becomes extremely high. Another positive aspect is the development of patience. A precise hit requires not only focus but also time. The snooker player must therefore show patience especially during the turn of his opponent. This skill is indispensable during tournaments, where pro snooker players spend a long time driving high breaks.

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Physical exercise

Playing billiard games helps improve visual-motor coordination. This is especially important when snooker is a difficult game and requires high precision. Pro snooker players know how to hit the ball exactly to go exactly where they want it. This requires them to have many hours of practice and a great form of training in visual-motor coordination. When it comes to muscle activity, snooker seems to be a very little engaging game. However, when played regularly, it helps to strengthen the muscles of the back, legs and arms. The right position to hit is very demanding and involves different muscle groups. The game also requires a lot of stretching to be able to perform complicated hits. Online games are a good way to start your adventure with snooker. Free mobile applications and browser games give you the opportunity to quickly learn the rules. They are quite complicated and are quickly absorbed during the game. Thanks to that, you'll find out if you like snooker. Free online games will also allow you to master basic tactics and show how the snooker scoreboard works. The transition to playing at a real table will still be difficult for you, but you will already have the basic knowledge needed to kick off your game.

Snooker & pool – the main differences

To the untrained eye, snooker may be a bit confusing at first since it looks just like a traditional billiard game. Both games may have similar principles and equipment, however, there are big differences that lie between them.

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Special snooker accessories

Although it seems that the equipment used for billiard games is the same as for snooker, snooker accessories in fact are fundamentally different from those used in pool. First of all, snooker, pool and other billiards games require specialized tables. A snooker table is much larger than the one used in the pool, and its pockets are smaller. Also the cloth that covers the table is different – a snooker table cloth has a nap or pile and when touched and is green baize covered. It’s similar to a carpet whereas pool table cloth has a smooth feel when you touch it. Snooker table cloth requires special care, it needs to be combed and ironed in the same direction. Pool table cloth is definitely easier to maintain. In principle, the cue sticks are also different. Those used for snooker are more slender and have decisively narrower ends. The cue is one of the most expensive snooker accessories and it will affect the player’s performance. For this very reason, professional players invest a lot of money in good quality cues. Typically, a different chalk is used for them than for those intended to play a game of pool - matching the color of the snooker cloth. Snooker, pool and other types of billiards require a proper set of balls to play. Those used for the first game are smaller, lighter and do not have printed numbers. A snooker set contains 22 balls: a white cue ball, 15 red and 6 balls of different colors.

What's the deal with snooker points?

Although snooker accessories are definitely different from those used in pool, the biggest difference is in the game itself. It is worth noting that snooker is the more difficult game. Pool has a lot simpler rules and the score does not have to be continuously kept. Also potting the ball into the pockets is a bit easier. This is because the balls and pockets are bigger, and the table itself is smaller. A snooker game is divided into frames. The player who wins the most frames wins. Players must pot the balls in a certain order. It starts with potting the red balls. If the player succeeds, he has the right to play a colored ball. If it falls into the pocket, it is taken out of the pocket and put on its starting point. The player can then play the red ball again. Only when there are no more red balls on the table, players successively pot the colored balls and do not put them back on the table anymore. For each ball to be scored, a certain number of points are awarded to the player which are marked on a special board. Snooker points can also be gained through the opponent's error. This happens when the other player misses (does not hit the ball played) or commits a foul. The frame is won by the player who scores more snooker points. The match is determined by the number of frames won. An important element of the game is the break. This is the number of snooker points scored by the player during one approach to the table. The maximum possible break is 147.

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The rules of pool

Pool comes in several varieties. The most popular of these is 8 ball pool. 15 numbered balls and a white ball are used for the game. Balls with numbers 1-7 are bigs, 9 - 15 are called smalls and the 8 ball is uniformly black. When a player pockets a big ball, he is supposed to pot all bigs, and his opponent deals with potting "smalls”. Potting the ball in the pocket entitles players to play again. The player who is the first to hit all his balls in and finally the black one wins. Snooker, pool and other billiard games may seem similar, but in practice they are very different. Each of them requires special equipment and other skills. That is why it is worth trying different varieties of billiards before you find your favorite one.

Snooker Live Pro: train and compete online!

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You don’t have a pool table at home? No to worry! You can train and compete by playing snooker online! Start today, improve your skills, learn spectacular tricks and win! Snooker will certainly give you a lot of satisfaction!

Snooker is a game that is relatively inaccessible for a lot of people. There is a lack of pool clubs in many places in the world where you can play this particular variation of billiards. Fortunately, players always have the option of competing online, which guarantees excitement similar to that of games in a real club with a pint of your favorite beer.

Online snooker - how to start?

You’re probably wondering how to start playing snooker online. Well, it’s not that difficult. Players from all over the world compete on the Internet or on their smartphones. Just sit back and join the game today! You don’t need any equipment, you do not have to spend your savings on learning and playing in pool clubs. It only requires some willingness and free time. Snooker is a game which gives great satisfaction from competing with other players.

Why play on the web?

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Thanks to online snooker games you have a chance to train intensively while playing against real opponents from around the world. You can try new strategies, tactics, without the risk of dealing with anyone's criticism. An additional advantage of playing snooker online is that you can do it virtually in every free moment you have. Even a break at work can be an opportunity to play your favourite game.

While playing online you can communicate with your rivals. It’s worth learning from other, more experienced players. You can do this by playing Snooker Live Pro, where you’ll get really useful tips on how to play the game. Snooker Live Pro guarantees unforgettable emotions and adrenaline. In Snooker Live Pro, the computer matches opponents based on their skills and experience. You will never meet a player at the table who could outplay you in a few minutes. Playing online is therefore fair because we compete against someone at our level or a little better. It is also worth remembering that you can learn quite a lot by watching others play. Since there is such a possibility, then it’s worth trying it, and online snooker enables us to do so.

Rankings additionally motivate users to continue playing and acquiring more and more points. Compete against other players who have the most points scored, the longest streaks without a defeat or the maximum break (i.e. the sum of consecutive points achieved during one visit to the table).

Snooker Live Pro is the perfect choice for someone who has not had to deal with this game, or has only watched it on television. Although the rules are not complicated, it takes a bit of time to get familiar with them. As we all know - we learn best from our own mistakes. Sometimes in snooker the way the balls move defies even the laws of physics. The longer you play, the more you are able to refine your style, strength and the angle of striking balls. The ball’s path, speed, as well as its spin depend on the shot angle and the part of the ball that you hit. Sometimes the only sensible solution is to strike in such a way that the ball repeatedly bounces from the side edges to finally fall into a pocket. With Poker Live Pro you can practice as long as you want in order to minimize your number of mistakes and train your shots, tricks and strategy elements to perfection. Snooker Live Pro may be the first step to your long career as a snooker champion. With time, you can go from training on the Internet to playing in the real world. Meanwhile, start your adventure without any stress by playing snooker online.

Is it worth playing snooker online? I think you already know the answer to this question. Snooker is not just entertainment and competition, it is also the development of our mind. You learn about strategic thinking and how to predict your opponent’s moves. It is also a method to relieve stress and forget about everyday problems. It can strengthen your mentality and make you more resistant to various difficulties. Snooker is also a way to avoid all kinds of unnecessary habits and addictions, because it provides entertainment and satisfaction by getting players out of the house for hours! Try it yourself!

Sign up today for free on the site and test Snooker Live Pro! Each day you can receive free bonuses, play mini-games and earn experience points. To play snooker, you need a proper cue. The game offers a selection of over 100 cues which differ in terms of style, power and game properties. Choose your favourite cue that will help you win! Collect achievements, win prizes. Invite your friends today to have fun and meet new people by competing with them.

Immerse yourself in the world of snooker! Good luck!

How to learn how to play snooker game like a pro?

Snooker is a sophisticated game that is often associated with upper class gentlemen. It is also extremely demanding - it takes a long time to master its principles, and it is even more difficult to develop the right technical skills. Apart from that, you need to learn proper snooker etiquette. Are you just starting out your adventure with snooker? Find out how to quickly and effectively learn all you need to know to play snooker game like a pro!

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Master the rules of the game

Many people who do not play any type of billiards are convinced that snooker is just like pool. The principles of pool are without a doubt, much simpler. Counting the score, breaks, fouls and misses - you have to learn all this to play snooker. Free time can be spent, for example, on watching snooker tournaments to get yourself familiar with the game. Tournaments are broadcast on TV, but you can also watch a tournament organized by a bar or billiard club in your area. You can also read the rules guide, but the best way to get the real gist of the game is by practicising. Ask an experienced player to give you guidance or sign up for a lesson with a professional teacher. You can also play snooker game online for free, but first check if it accurately reflects the real rules of the game. It’s a good idea to firstly read up on the opinions about online snooker that are posted on the Internet.

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The right stance

You won’t acquire the correct players’ stance even from the best snooker game online. For free, a friend can show it to you who has been playing snooker for a long time. However, it's best to sign up with a professional teacher. He will show you how to set yourself up in order to hit the ball, how to hold the cue and how to make the white ball stop where you want. Of course, after the first lesson you will not play snooker like a pro, but after a few lessons your skills will improve significantly. This is an investment that will definitely pay off and allow you to start playing faster in snooker. Free guides on this subject are also available on the Internet, e.g. on Youtube. However, the teacher's advice that picks up on and corrects your mistakes is almost priceless.

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Correct table etiquette

Proper behavior at the table is another skill you cannot get from a snooker game online. For free, you can learn snooker etiquette by observing other more experienced players. Go to a snooker club or bar with snooker tables and if you have the opportunity, watch also a tournament organized in such a place. You will be able to see how professionals and experienced amateurs play snooker gameand how they behave during the game. This will reduce the likelihood of committing a blunder when you start participating in such events.

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Practice makes perfect

You will learn the most important aspects of the game only if you play a lot and practice often. Snooker free guides showing various plays will be very helpful once you have mastered the basics. Try to recreate them while practising. A snooker game online for free may also be useful, but make sure that the game you choose reflects the rules of physics well. Try to invite a more experienced player to the game, who will help you avoid mistakes and will give you handy tips. Learning how to play snooker game like a pro will require a lot of work and commitment from you. However, if you persist, you will certainly succeed.

Getting your name on the snooker

Most people associate snooker with sophisticated gentlemen and the upper class - it demands a high level of accuracy and you need time to master the rules and techniques. Snooker etiquette is also something that needs to be learned. Are you new to snooker and want to embark on an exciting adventure of learning the tricks of the trade? Get to know how to get your maximum break – snooker 147 – and how to play like a pro.

snooker kij

Mastering the snooker rules

Whether it be snooker, pool or any other form of billiards, it’s always a good idea to familiarze yourself with the game rules before playing. How else will you get yourself listed on the pool or snooker scoreboard? The rules of pool are undoubtedly much easier compared to a game of snooker. When it comes to snooker, you need to learn about score counting, fouls, breaks, misses – become familiar with these aspects of the game and you’ll be close to your first snooker 147. If you have some free time on your hands you can dedicate it to watching snooker tournaments on TV or a live tournament in your local bar or club. Another way to familiarize yourself with the game is to find an experienced player who is willing to show you the ropes. You can even have a few lessons with them or with a professional teacher. If you want to play snooker, pool or another billiard variant on the Internet to practice your skills, firstly make sure that the site you’re on is a realistic reflection of the game rules and its physics. Have a read online about what other players write on snooker sites so that you have a good heads-up on the game.

Get the right posture

So you’re serious about becoming an advanced player, you want to be on top of the snooker scoreboard and get your first snooker 147 maximum break. What do you need to do next? Playing online is a fun option but this way, you won’t get the chance to practice your posture which is a vital element of the game. Having the right snooker stance and holding the cue properly will let you hit the ball with better precision. You’ll make your way to the top of the snooker scoreboard by learning how to make the white ball stop where you want. You won’t be a master of the game right at the start since practice makes perfect, but after some lessons you will see your skills improving. Take some time to practice and you’ll start becoming a faster snooker player. Do some research on the Internet and you will find a lot of information about snooker 147 and the important rules of the game.

snooker kij

Proper table etiquette

If you have already played a game of snooker, pool or other billiard variants you will know that it’s important to know the right etiquette to be a good player. It doesn’t cost much to get to know snooker etiquette – all you need to do is start observing experienced players to get the right tips. You can head over to a snooker, pool or billiard club and see how the pros play and behave by watching an organized tournament. By doing this you can minimize the risk of making a mistake when you participate in an event yourself.

Practice, practice, practice!

Practice makes perfect and this is certainly the case if you want to get on top of the snooker scoreboard and make your snooker 147 maximum break. By practicising, your snooker stance will improve as well as other necessary skills and behaviour. You can practice your snooker skills by playing a few games online and it would be a good idea to invite an experienced player to play with you – they can support you with your gameplay, help you avoid mistakes and give you the right tips to play better. Learning to play snooker well requires a great deal of commitment but it will pay off when you start seeing your name on top of the snooker scoreboard!